A Litany of Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy

by | Sep 29, 2020

A Litany of Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy!

The point of this article is to show that the Liberal Progressive culture and militants are, through and through, riddled with double standards, hypocrisies, and blind spots. I am not writing this to stroke anyone’s ego, help community relations, be civil, or to hope that the Liberal Progressive militants will somehow change their ways or become better people (I leave that to GOD). I am pointing the finger, I am calling out the duplicities, the double standards, and the faux self-righteous indignation, the virtue signalling hypocrisy of a ruling elite and their sheeple.

Now, to be clear, I am not faultless. GOD forbid that I become a monster in the process of fighting a monster (Liberal Progressive thought and practice). So, in keeping with the teachings of our Lord who said, ‘remove the beam from your own eye,’ I must first acknowledge my own fault – my own hypocrisies, double standards, and blind spots. I have them: mea culpa! mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! (for the heart of Christian spirituality is always to correct yourself before the world around you.) However, as a Christian, I refuse to believe that I should be silent about Christophobia or the persecution of Christians just because Liberal Progressives find it socially and politically inconvenient for me to talk about it.

‘Who are these Liberal Progressive?’ I hear you ask. What a great question! They are the elites, the wealthy, who control the wall between Church and State. They are the movers and shakers of culture, commerce, and celebrity; they are the secularists, the woke, the progressives, the ones who stand up proudly for ‘tolerance’ and ‘liberal multiculturalism,’ and against ‘racism’ and ‘islamophobia.’ They protest the cause of the poor and make bald their declarations of solidarity with every latest fashionable cause. Some of them are genuinely committed to these things. For some, it is not a fad or a means to virtue signal, but a genuinely repulsive ideology to which they are sincerely working towards its end goals and vision of society. However, for most of their sheeple (the mob, the crowd-following zombie) it is simply blind obedience to imbibed sentiments and ideas taken on board without forethought, analysis, or any critical thinking.

Let us just interrupt our thought to make mention of the words in ‘+’ marks. While I think ‘tolerance’ is a great catchphrase, that is all it is; a word with the power of the word shadow. It simply describes something that is not, not something that is. Tolerance, if it is anything at all, is just someone else’s intolerances repackaged to sound digestible. Much like ‘shadow’ is used to describe that outline and shade, where light is not. ‘Liberal Multiculturalism’ is an awful socio, economic, and political dogma which has proven to be a failure, resulting in the dissolving of the western civilisation into nought. However, we will write at length on this particular demon at another time. Suffice it is to say, we Christians have our own vision of something multicultural that is based on common shared values, beliefs, and history of all Christian peoples. So, we do not need any lectures here. To the word ‘racism,’ I want to be clear – racism is real, it’s a sin and should be opposed. However, not everything nor everyone who has ever been called racist – actually is, and many are not. This word is used to try and silence people who criticise failed political projects such as multi-culturalism. Finally, to the word ‘Islamophobia,’ my views are the same as that on racism. There is prejudice, real prejudice against people who are Muslim – because they are Muslim – regardless of whether they practice or not. However, I think it is a far less prevalent prejudice than we are led to believe, and far less than the prejudices emerging from within sections of the Muslim community aimed towards others, such as the Christians, Jews, Kuffars, gays, and so on. Again, the word ‘racism’ is often abused to silence legitimate criticisms of Islam.

Now, let us press on with the task – the litany of hypocrisies with these virtue-signalling hypocrites. I will lay out enough information for you to find the example I have in mind, however, I will not cite all the particulars of every case. Christians should seek to educate and arm themselves, educate themselves, and own the process of learning.

To get us going, eBay refuses to sell the artwork of a Christian apologist, because the art is deemed to be offensive to Muslims. Yet, they sell multiple products that are offensive to Christians; namely art and other expressions that are directly aimed at offending Christians – Liberal outrage? Zero!

For example, a pointless artist with no career tries to make a name for themselves by placing a crucifix in a vat of piss. This is displayed in an art gallery, which should be closed for the insult. Other artists, equally valueless, place a Bible in a gallery inviting people to graffiti on it. Liberal outrage? Zero!

The mainstream British broadcaster broadcasts blasphemous and profoundly offensive show that insult the honour of Christ, His blessed Mother, and the Apostles and is defended as freedom of expression. Despite the massive peaceful mobilisation of Christians and hundreds of thousands of signatories to a petition asking it not to be broadcast, it goes ahead. Even politicians defend it. Theatres go on to show a stage version of it. Liberal outrage? Zero!

Christian businesses find themselves targeted by militant activists who go out of their way to place these businesses in ways that they have to choose between the conscience or their business. When they go with their faith; they are prosecuted by the state and the deliberate targeting is overlooked. Other Christian businesses, which honour marriage in their policies, find themselves being sued for discrimination because they seek to uphold their own beliefs, in their own places of business. Liberal outrage? Zero!

On a major airline carrier, Christians are asked not to wear their religious symbols, even though other religions are allowed to, despite the fact that the cross has been a cultural symbol worn and carried by Christians for two thousand years. Liberal outrage? Zero!

The plight of persecuted Christians in Nigeria, Sudan, CAR, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Burma, China, and elsewhere, is ignored and swept aside by news agencies. Meanwhile, when other religious groups are persecuted, sometimes by the exact same regimes persecuting the Christians, those other religious groups are brought to the fore. Liberal outrage? Zero!

There are anti-Christian pogroms, anti-Christian riots in Pakistan and Egypt, churches bombed, churches burned down, priests stabbed, or Christians forced to live in poverty, because of their faith. Liberal outrage? Zero!

There are many more examples. Go and do the detective work to see if you can match up what I am saying to the case examples I have given you in this article; I will send you them if you get stuck. In all of these examples, we see the same Liberal Progressives giving weeks of lectures about ‘islamophobia,’ ‘racism,’ and ‘tolerance,’ but only applying their virtue-signalling and moralising for certain groups and not Christians. SO yes! – You are hypocrites!

However, if you are a Christian – the real fault lies with you. You are the weak-willed and spineless Church that chose not to stand up for your brothers and sisters who have confessed the faith with their lives, and witnessed to it with their deaths! You are the weak-willed and spineless Christian who chose to keep what little you have in this world, rather than risk it all by being more confrontational to defend your faith and people (the Church). Stuff such examples down their throats until they choke and vomit on their own self-righteous indignation. Oh, Christian – resolve in your heart this day, that with wisdom and prudence, and resolute determination you will fight against the Christophobia of the Liberal Progressives! Will you call them out on their hypocrisy rather than simply and silently go along with their values, beliefs, sentiments, and purposes?

Christians – we need to use the mantra of the ‘minority’ and the ‘economy of victimhood’ against the Liberal Progressives who have set the terms of the world we live in. We need to press onto their conscience their failing to live by their so-called ideals. We need to assert that, as Christians, as a people, we have our own history, our own values, our own identity; and demand that this be recognised in the public sphere. We must put to the front of any discussion of international significance the plight of the persecuted Church. We must rally in protest, and solidarity, boycott, and political activism in support of any Christian who suffers for their faith. Christians – unite, organise, train, mobilise, resist the virtue-signalling hypocrisy of the Liberal Progressive militant!