The Problems are Sociological – the Solutions are Sociological, Also!

It is doubtful that any Western/Latin Christian is going to deny that our little part of the world is seeing the Church slowly erode. Much clamour is made about the bad, or at least the lack of good, teaching in the Church as the cause of the problem. Certainly, this is part of the problem. […]

Reaching Men: The Missing Demographic and a Masculine Spirituality

Where are all the men? More importantly – why are they not interested in Christianity? The stats, brothers and sisters, speak for themselves. Across all denominations a recent YouGov poll of 7k adults showed that only 4.4% of men attended church at least once a month, compared to 5.2% of women; and this equals a […]

How do we Take Back Christian Institutions; How do we Take Back the Church of England?

We have written in passing about the “shepherding heights” of education, religion, family, business, government/military/policing, arts/entertainment, and media. What I mean by this phrase ‘shepherding heights’ is that from these positions of power, influence, and authority – we are being discipled; we are being shepherded in terms of a narrative we live by collectively, and […]

If You’re Going to have a “Club” Church – Make it a Good One!

Certainly, within my lifetime, I will not see the end of “club” churches. While they are adding to the collapse of Christianity in the West – primarily because most “club” churches are just awful, I am confident that their days are numbered. So, I thought I would contribute a word to at least help make […]

Reflections on Lent; For Nepsis and Against Acedia.

I remember once in my place of work that, as Ramadan came around, my work colleagues were conscientious to a fault to demonstrate both their care for Muslim colleagues who were fasting and to note how impressed they were at the practice. That same year, those same colleagues, when it came out I was fasting […]

The Postmodern Opportunity for the Church; If We are Brave Enough to Take It!

Let us begin by defining the term postmodernity. Clearly, as the word suggests, it is ‘after modernity’ and so its definition is a contrast to what came before. So, before we can see what postmodernity is, we must see clearly what modernity is. It should be said, definitions of these terms are disputed and the […]

What is the True Measure of a Man? The Point of Life; a Christian Perspective

Recently, I was invited to a five-star hotel to meet with someone who wanted to talk about more than the latest football results. He was more interested in the stock markets; hence the five-star hotel reception. I entered into what could only be described as your dream flat in London; dark hues of orange, red, […]

The Loss of Christian Youth – What We Can Do About It (Part of the Picture)

Why 88% of Christian Youth are Lost – Voddie Baucham – YouTube (please watch the video before you read the article) We Christians have a problem! Look at your fellowship this coming Sunday and ask where the young people are between 15 – 24 years of age. Where are they? Undoubtedly, the vast majority of […]