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About SoCo

Bob the Builder is an evangelist from the North of England, who is following a discernment into a vocation of being an evangelist. He was led to work with Dr Jay Smith, at Hyde Park Speakers Corner and has continued to do outreach there most Sundays; and helped establish and grow a successful outreach on YouTube channel called SocoFilms; a platform that he still works with though the two are now separate entities.
Bob continues in his discernment and is now taking the next step; supported by covenant partners, whose kindly support frees him to dedicate his time to active evangelism full time.  This involves a lively outreach on social media platforms – reaching far beyond the confines of London: (please see the links provided); continued outreach at speakers corner, and assisting churches, in person and online, with their own evangelism; training in apologetics and polemics, educating Christians about the challenges posed to the Church from Sharia law, Liberalism, Nationalism, and Marxist ideology. He is also establishing outreach initiatives in the centre of London.