Why Europe needs a Muscular Christianity

by | Dec 12, 2023

Europe is in trouble – real trouble! Well, if you take seriously the warnings of Hans-Georg Maaßen, the former spy chief of Germany, who has said, “Europe will succumb to Islam.” To quote him properly he said the following:

“A completely different culture is approaching us. We are not at all prepared for this, as we’re incapable of resolving conflicts even using violence like family clans do from the Arab states. These people resolve conflicts by violence, whereas people in Central Europe think that this can only be done through the courts,” said Maaßen, who served as president of the Office of the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) from 2012 until 2018, said on FPÖ TV.

He is not alone! Do you remember the two letters from French military and security personnel in the last few years warning of widespread unrest – connected to Islam in France? The alarm bells are ringing across Europe – and yet – the elites seem incapable or unwilling to do anything about it. We all know that the problem is linked to the uncontrolled mass migrations, reminiscent of the kind that destroyed the Roman Empire in the 4th century, and so we are then at a loss as to why our ruling elites seem to not want to act.

Many have come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories; the ‘great replacement’ Hans-Georg among them. He quotes,

“Our politicians want a different population. The political left follows the course of the anti-German ideology. The more heterogeneous a population, the less able it is to articulate itself and have a democratic say. The more the politicians accept immigrants from other countries as they see fit and grant them citizenship, the more politics selects the people of the state and influences the election results. These migrants then vote differently than the locals.”

This right-wing myth, whilst giving succor to those on the right, that it’s all a conspiracy against us, is seemingly oblivious to the fact that the key driver for the need for immigrants was two back-to-back world wars and one cultural revolution that celebrated abortion, divorce, and contraceptive along with free love. Thus, Europeans of all political stripes have committed the culture to a course of self-destruction and forced the hands of the elites to replace the populations we refuse to have. Some, of course, find time to try and blame the Jews. Did you not know, that a good conspiracy theory always needs a secret council of Jews behind it? It cannot possibly be just a self-inflicted wound from a faulty Liberal Secular Humanism!

However, the existential threat is real and the clock to change course is not real, either! There will be 76 million Muslims across Europe by 2060. This will change everything – and for the Church – that will not be for the better; 1400 years of history teaches us that!

However, I do agree that it’s not all innocent. The elites are forced by the ‘culture of death’ to import population, but they also seek short-term gains. Tony Blair and the Labour Party once quipped to flood the UK with migrants to swamp the Tories in diversity; to make the argument about immigration almost moot! I suspect other left-leaning parties may have initially supported mass migration for similar reasons. Merke seems to have invited the world to Germany to try and wipe some sense of German guilt away about the Holocaust – a kind of penance if you will, so it seems! However, the issues have now run away with themselves, and embedded across Europe is a population, a large proportion of whom do not share the values and outlooks of the beliefs of the ‘European Barbarians.’

So – we see the number of crimes from these new migrants skyrocket. The mainstream media, now, regularly cover up terrorist attacks – as they can not bring themselves to call a spade a spade. Our prisons fill up, and regular attacks occur across our countries – and yet – the elites do not act. Why? They are privy to the same information as the rest of us and more. So why do they not act? I want to put this suggestion to you. The reason for their inaction is not because they are ignorant. It is not because they have some secret plan to replace us all. It is because they do not have the ideological resources and framework to deal with the problems we all face! They see the problems but when they reach into their ideological bag for a solution, nothing is there! They have used up the horizons of their beliefs and have nowhere to go. They can not diagnose the problem – as their belief and value system say there are only good or bad individuals; all ‘beliefs’ can be equally used for good and ill by the individual user. They can not see that Islam is an objectively evil religion: its commitment to slavery, child marriage, FGM,religious-based apartheid, apostasy laws, polygamy, acceptance of abortion, cousin marriages, divorce, persecution of minorities, all of which are taught and advocated by the authoritative texts – can not be given in evidence to the elites. Their worldview requires them to make two unprovable assertions: one is that it’s all down to subjective interpretation – as if world religions function like democracies, and two, that all religions are guilty of the same crimes which, while being a prima-facia fact, actually is false when one looks below surface appearances. Christianity has no concept of polygamy, abortion, divorce (Incredibly limited), or cousin marriages, and Christians have fought against slavery actively for 2000 years.

Hans-Georg continued, “The Europeans will succumb to Islam. On the one hand, because they are unable to even see this conflict coming, and on the other, because they are incapable of resolving conflicts similarly… the result will be the gradual destruction of our European cultures.”

The Liberals, progressives, the woke, the internationalists, whatever we want to call the elites, can not and do not see a conflict of civilisations because they do not see civilisations. They see only individuals and the state in contract. Therefore – they must find a contractual approach to the problem – dealing with each bad fish in turn. They can only offer the Islamists a social contract with society. They have no values with which they can compete. Thus, when they do – as France is currently and the UK is trying in some insipid form with its a-historical British civic values of Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance…, we find that the newcomers feel no reason to embrace these values. They have something better to live by; the violence emanating out of the Islamic community continues unchallenged because the elites confuse race and religion. They can not, for ideological reasons, accept that the Islamic sources teach anti-Semitism and Christophobia as actual intrinsic values. This belief buoys them up because they correctly observe that not all Muslims tap into this belief but are then shocked at the speed of radicalisation when someone does tune into these beliefs. The Western European of every political stripe is weak; he has been institutionalised because our states, after the Reformation, worked well due to rationalisation and nationalism.

However, a commitment to nationalism has been on the wane since the end of the Second World War, and a commitment to rationalism has been on the wane since the 1960s. The politically irrational is now the vogue in progressive political theory. The ideological resources of the political elites are used up. They can only hope to poison the water of the Islamic community, to make radicalism impossible. This strategy is demonstrably failing! Radical Islam will always gain ground, especially as the overall population of Muslims grows. The elites can not do what needs to be done because their beliefs and values, such as individualism, tolerance, inclusivity, belief in the functions of the state, that all religions are bad (you make of them what you will), and that all religions are equally bad or good.

This latter point is because of the worldview of the Enlightenment; the normative view of the elites formed in the period after the Reformation. Religion was moved onto the back burner of culture; a low-heat optional extra to the life of one’s self, an internal private thing. This, however, has never been the place of religion anywhere, for anyone – outside of the West. Whilst the ideas of the Western Enlightenment have encroached upon the world, they are clearly on the wane!

He goes on: “We don’t know where we want to go. What should Germany or Austria look like in 2030? We are living only in the moment, and therefore we are losing out to others who have a religion or ideology, and who know where they want to go. We lack a mission,” “Mostly Muslims come to us with a completely different awareness of culture, religion, and family. In secular Europe, religion and family, if they are still important at all, are a matter for the individual, but in these cultures, it is a matter for the clan.”

the Western world has lost its sense of purpose or belief due to the assumption that this life is all we have and that there is nothing metaphysically true; values and beliefs are relative, which is the fruit of rationalisation and an over-emphasis on material empiricism. This fall was predicted by Nietzsche and is a direct result of the ‘death of GOD’ in the mind of the European who had nothing to prop up his sense of being – his sense of right and wrong – a sense of his own culture. This existential collapse is due, not to Islam, – but to the Enlightenment and the abandonment of Christianity. Christians remain with a strong sense of purpose, a sense of civilisation, and a sense of identity; that is above and beyond the social contract of the state. Christians have the scaffold to overcome the crisis; we can re-invigorate Europe with a sense of itself and a purpose that is above and beyond mere ‘comfortable existence.’ This could be summed up in one glorious word: Christendom!

Christians believe Christ has established in His person – the Kingdom of GOD – which is driven forward across the world, and deeper into the human soul; by the Church both the institutional form and the common laity. This Kingdom of GOD is committed to values and beliefs such as fighting against poverty, protecting the weak, guardianship over the environment, the importance of the family, the importance of the truth, the importance of living a virtuous life – and many more things, all to the glory of GOD! This Kingdom commitment, when expressed politically, results in Christendom; the political embodiment of its beliefs and values. For the Christian, the means of government are less important than the goals of government. This is an expansive and dynamic project – more than enough to give the peoples of the West something to work towards for centuries to come. We can learn from the best of the last Christendom – while rejecting the worst of the last Christendom. Such a project would affect political goals and aspirations, the workings of the economy,

So, what must we do to deal with this problem? Here are some practical solutions. Before I offer them up, I want you, dear reader, to realise these solutions are not emanating from the nice liberal middle-class values that have gotten us to the point where the edge of the cliff is now visible. My values and beliefs are rooted in a muscular Christianity; which is to say, a strong form of Christianity. It is one taken out of its assumed position by the Enlightenment of weak, lukewarm, milk toast, that only a private matter of personal conscience and replacing the Enlightenment itself as the chief narrative. I will offer possible solutions and try to elucidate the values & beliefs that give rise to the proposed action; the point is to show that we must go beyond the parameters of weak insipid Liberalism and that the solutions to the problems we face lay over the horizon in an illiberal response, that must be rooted not in reactionary hatred, but a deep sense of ‘another civilisation.’ The main point is – that we have to think outside of the box – this is not offered as a complete strategy – but more as a sample of one; a characterisation, perhaps, of what it will take to deal with the problem.

ONE: Immigration is necessary but should be heavily filtered: Until such a time as our demographic collapse is reversed, immigration will be necessary; however, it does not have to be controlled. We should filter, and discriminate heavily in favour of those who are most like us; and who have the skills we need. This is taking the line from his excellency Cardinal Giacommo Biffi – who argued for a preferential Catholic policy around immigration. Europe needs to favour Christian immigration to Europe – to the exclusion of Islamic immigration to Europe. Christians, from around the world are needed, to replace the populations Europeans would rather abort, and not have; because they prefer beer and sex; but these immigrants do find it easier to integrate with us; as their values and beliefs are already similar to our own – this way we can have the benefits of multiculturalism, with fewer of the negatives. We can have the curry – without the added ‘kuffar’ label, because we will be fellow believers, with our Christian migrants. We should filter these Christian migrants to fill gaps in our Labour market; well, that is just part of any sensible immigration policy. Migrants who are willing to train – should be given the opportunity, to fill the gaps in areas, where Europeans are too full of their sense of self-worth to do the job!

Value: Christians believe the Church is the people of GOD in confederacy with one another, and so; whilst we do desire and wish to do good to all people – our first love, loyalty, and responsibility are those who are in that confederacy. In short, an Ethiopian Christian; should be desired more, than an Afrikaner Atheist. The value is solidarity with the Church – based on common values and beliefs; which should influence our migration policy.

TWO: We should aggressively deport any migrant who does not integrate – and their descendants even if they were born here; several international agreements and norms are simply out of date; and must be rejected; a new world order is needed, that serves a new Christendom. Those who were brought here – as part of our grandparents’ mistakes, should be assumed to have integrated until behaviours prove otherwise; but once the hammer falls – it must fall hard on entire families – not just individuals. Those who love their families will do their best not to fall foul of the law.

Two values are in play here: 1) The Christian rejects the idea of individualism and believes in the idea of the family, and so a family’s communal life – because it impacts society – has a binding effect on all of its members. If one person in a family is found to be dysfunctional to society, allowing for mental illness, the family is responsible for their failure to raise him/her. 2) The second is the Old Testament belief, that whilst aliens are equals under the law; they are expected to integrate into wider society and not expect society to make room for them. Christians reject liberal notions of multiculturalism; we believe in a multi-ethnicity based on the same beliefs and values, much like, for instance, embodied by the Jewish people today in Israel. Those who refuse to ‘belong’ do not therefore have a right to live amongst us. Those who want to live amongst us will adapt to our values, traditions, customs, and beliefs.

THREE: We must adopt an aggressive zero-tolerance approach to Islamisation: banning: the niqab, voice-amplified calls to prayer, Islamic finance, sharia courts and rulings, halal meat, and strictly enforce our laws; for instance, benefit fraud and Polygamy go hand in hand in the UK; and are unchallenged; wherever those laws conflict with the Islamic community.

Christians do not believe in compromising with sin that harms the common good (and have different attitudes on those sins that do not) a common good; is that which when shared, is not diminished, taking polygamy for instance, and its abuse of the welfare system – undermines public trust in the institution and belief in its overall goodness; it encourages corruption; and so should not be tolerated. Christians – do not believe you should be free to just do whatever you want, we understand harm; to society – as a real thing, even if it does not harm someone else directly.

FOUR: We should create laws for banishment, and to make someone an outlaw; and the worst Islamist; and those born in the land but who have adopted Islamist values and beliefs; should receive both sentences; connected to this – legally trained and licensed bounty hunters should be employed – to hunt down and eliminate – any who have received the double sentence.

These punishments – do come out of a pre – pre-enlightened time – and their time has come around again. We need laws that make the idea of becoming an Islamist or engaging with it ideologically too costly. Liberal societies persistently – apply a strategy that does not involve significant cost. Prison just becomes a recruiting ground for the Islamists – when they are allowed to take over the prisons as the biggest gang.

FIVE: The entire families of convicted Islamists should be investigated; and their friend networks and any sense of further Islamist rot, pursued and dug out of society; Islamists work in networks.

Individuals do not exist in isolation but are brought into this world in the context of a family. Christians therefore, when one individual in a family fails – the whole family should be addressed by society; through a series of interventions, both reforming and punitive to bring about change.

SIX: Employing known Islamists should result in the denial of work to any government agency or government contract.

Christians recognize that the economy works as a shepherd to society, therefore, the economy, must be connected to morality; and not allowed to operate unguided by what is right and wrong; which means there can be no place in the economy for Islamists!

SEVEN: Benefits and governmental assistance should be denied to Islamists and their families.


EIGHT: Those who help an Islamist by, say charity or their families, should be investigated regularly and often.


NINE: We must offer paths of integration to all those who want to be a part of our society, that measures, expects; and allows for proof of progression; in the embracement of our values and beliefs. There should be no shortcuts; it should take years to get citizenship; and only after clear embracement of the values of Christendom. It can be revoked for any significant infraction of these values, and this conditional citizenship is handed on for seven generations; and can be revoked for the whole family if they feel to raise their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in the values of the land. However, with each generation, the law should be applied more generously.

Christians believe in values, like hope and redemption; so however, tough we are – there must always be the option and a clear path laid out for someone to change course – and go in another direction; our aim, by our harshness – must be to make a path and way of living among us successfully all the more appealing. This is what justice is – to reward those who do right, to punish the wrongdoer, and to have mercy and pity on the weak; this latter point should filter into number nine; those who are weak and struggling should be helped to avoid falling in and among the wrong crowd.

TEN: the building of the family needs to become a central government concern, and more should be done to create families – that bear children and communicate our values. Rewards should be given, for having more children and embodying traditional Christian values. Demography is the future – it matters! We need to reverse the demographic decline.

Children – are a Christian value all unto themselves, they are seen as a gift and a trust from GOD, a blessing; and they are to be given the utmost protection – because – GOD himself has appointed an angel over them. Therefore, as Christ who was a child of value from His conception, so all children are of value, from the moment of their conception.