The Church and Religious Plurality

Christians! Let me ask you a question. How committed you are to ending religious plurality in our society? On a scale of one-ten, how do you feel about a) answering the question, and b) saying that your commitment is total? Think about it for a second; a multi-ethnic state united by one religion, one set […]

A Litany of Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy

The point of this article is to show that the Liberal Progressive culture and militants are, through and through, riddled with double standards, hypocrisies, and blind spots. I am not writing this to stroke anyone’s ego, help community relations, be civil, or to hope that the Liberal Progressive militants will somehow change their ways or […]

What is Muscular Christianity?

The idea that Church needs! This could be the one sentence summary of the idea of a muscular Christianity. Now, the question arises obviously, is this an idea emergent from the faith, and in the course of this short article I hope to illuminate as to why this idea is both what the Church needs […]